Gift Box Quinta das Arcas 3 Bottles

Gift Box Quinta das Arcas 3 Bottles

Vinho Verde (Loureiro, Vinhão, Rosé)
Gift Box Quinta das Arcas 3 Bottles (Loureiro, Vinhão, Rosé)
Tasting notes
Cristal clear with light lemony colour.
Aroma: Intense and fruity, tropical aromas of banana and mango. Distinct floral aromas blended in harmony with the abundant fruit.
Flavour: Very nice structure with a crispy acidity. The light fizz enhaces the wine freshness. Good finish.
High concentration dark ruby.
Aroma: Very fresh and fruity aromas, reminding plums and wel ripe wild berries.
Flavour: Strong, dense and concentrated structure. The tannins are there, but soft and well integrated in the complete set.   
Clear and bright framboise colour.
Aroma: Fresh and young aromas. Strawberries and raspberries crushed into currant with generous lime drops.
Flavour: Nice structure and a good balance between the alcohol and acidity. The light fizz enhances the wine freshness.   
Loureiro: Wines made from this variety are characterized by abundant floral and fresh notes with a slight minerality and ripe fruit in the palate. This wine its a perfect exemple.
Vinhão: Wine that excels by its youth, by its light acidity and besides the color concentration the fresh fruit aromas are powerfull. A fine quality and original gastronomic wine.
Rosé: Produced from the Espadeiro and Touriga Nacional variety, this wine defines a new concept in rosé. The red fruit and berries aromas, blended with the freshness and lightness only possible in a Vinho Verde, make this a very special rosé.

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